97 Antenna Replacement

07-19-2005, 06:53 PM
Hi I'm new to the forum. I'm the 2nd owner of a Black on Black 1997 J30. I've owned it for over 4 years now and put over 45,000 miles on it to total 84,000 at present. My cd player is doing the same thing many others I've read about here as well. But this question is regarding the radio antenna. I picked up a replacement (as someone very nicely snapped mine off one day when it just didn't want to go down all the way). But I can't figure out how to loosen the "nut" on the top of the antenna on the outside of the car!!! It has 2 holes, one on either side of the antenna but what tool do I use to unscrew this thing??? I was hoping to avoid a visit to the local dealer. Any suggestions are appreciated.

07-21-2005, 05:13 AM
fit in a couple of nails and use a screwdriver to rotate holding the nails together at the top or drive them through a piece of wood at the correct spacing

07-22-2005, 08:36 AM
Whoa. Thats a lot of work man... Just use a needlenose pliers - carefully. Take your time and it will go fine... then when you do get it out, turn on the radio to remove old plastic piece if its still in there, and then push the new plastic peice in with the teeth facing the rear of the car, and then have someone turn off the radio... wiggle the plastic a bit and it will suck it right in. Then tighten up and all good. Real easy, just go slow with the nut, and it'll be all good.

Heres a good link, its for a maxima, but its the same, our antena is just on the other side...


PS, a cd that cleans "cd cleaning cd" from Wal-Mart will most likely fix that issue... The car had it when I got mine, and it was a simple 4$ fix.

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