Update me pronto please

07-19-2005, 06:51 PM

Haven't been for a quite some time at AF.

CNG makes my conscience at ease and as Prius finally arrived in EU and
I don't like it.

To big for dynamic and overcrowded EU streets ride, it is one thing to take a trip in larger one, but for city size matters. And I just couldn't handle the lack of manual gear.

So I wanted to update myself how are things going with Insight.

There is no even a sight of his mention in most of EU offers from Honda, but I hear it is possible with some hassle to actually get the same over here.

I've heard Honda updated the same, in what significant way in relation to 2005 and Prius?

What scared me is the note of two choices for transmission ?

God forbid, is that a promise of Insight leaving manual gear as well?

I love the the Insight's shape, love the manual, just wonder has it become more charging independed like Prius?

All ears :)

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