96 paasport intake manifold ?

07-13-2005, 01:22 PM
I have 1996 passport with the 3.2 5 Speed and 116000. Any ways this problem has been occuring for some time and the past 3 days it has become very frequent. I will be driving and stop and a stop light or stop sign and the Rpms will fall to 200 to 400 the oil pressure light will flicker. I give it some throttle and it will hestiate but will rev up and then it runs normal. Sometimes during hestiation the check engine light comes on or it will come on while driving and then I have the low rpm problem.

I checked the codes and get P1406. This is emmssion and EGR code the first time ti happen I clean the egr and That really didn't solve the problem. I was thinking that it was the intake manifold gasket causing this.

Is this what you might think as well?


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