2000 tracker-spark plug loose (car last long?)

07-10-2005, 01:33 AM
Hi People Im new here. My Question is How long does the 2000 tracker 2.0l 2x4 last. the problem was the *spark plug was loose and was *damage inside the engine. I got it fix by putting a heli-coil to fit a new set of spark plug. (it was the 3rd cylinder) I've been driving this car for 20 miles+ (8300 miles total) after it was fix. While driving, between 2nd to 3rd gear or between 25-45 mile per hour, the engine start making this clanking noise...Im afraid that it might give me more problems..

08-22-2005, 12:15 PM
Our 2000 Tracker has 42K miles and only a few problems. I've changed the plugs, and #3 is difficult to get to due to the frame cross-over bar that goes over the spark plug well. I had to be careful to remove and install this plug to avoid cross threading it. A heli-coil may hold for a while, but many times they come loose, so I'd say you should either get the cylinder head repaired or replaced, or start looking for another Tracker.

10-31-2005, 12:04 PM
well well well....after an excruciating months of trying to get this vehicle fix....(2000 tracker 2.0l 2x4), I figured out that its not worth keeping this gas gussling vehicle...although it still have some minor engine problems to it, I decided to trade-in it to a TOYOTA Corolla 06... the best choice I've made so far...ha ha..and plus this Corolla gets 30-41 miles per gallon on its 1.8 liter engine.. nice=) gas prices were up to 3.25 a gallon... =(

well, thanks for the comment base1hits

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