painters information needed!

07-09-2005, 05:27 PM
I was given a 1986 N13 Nissan Pulsar by a mate a few weeks ago.
Since then it has cost me $1230 (Aust) in fines, so i took it off the road and now i'm in the process of painting it!

I have it almost back to original primer now and have already bought the paint off a mate REAL cheap.
It's a pretty expensive paint so i would defently like to get any sort of information on how to paint it in my own spray booth!

Is it possible to paint the front and rear (plastic) bumpers with this paint or do i need to apply a seperate plastic primer to these parts first?

Also the paint has aprox 10-15 pearls in it! I have a mate who tried to paint a car with 5 pearls in the paint and he completly stuffed it up!:screwy:
Is this because you need to spray the car from ONE DIRECTION ONLY???

I'd much rather paint the car myself as i have done a few other home paint jobs myself and not to boast but they turned out pretty darn good!
I'd appreciate any feed back possible negitive or possitive!


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