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mod'd 9-5?

07-09-2005, 03:14 PM
im just in here visiting cause my friend has a 1999 saab 9-5 and he wants to mod it. first thing to come to my mind was k&n FIPK, boost gauge and controller. then i read this
"For the 9-5 V6 model, Saab developed an unusual low-pressure asymmetric turbo system that provides boost from only one bank of cylinders on the V6."
so now i have a few questions:
whats the stock boost pressure of a turbo v6 9-5?
how much psi can the engine/internals handle?
at higher boost levels would that throw off the asymmetric turbo system?

07-11-2005, 10:59 AM
does your friend have a v6 9-5? in my personal and professional opinion, get a 4 banger and dont waste time with the v-6. the assymetric turbo is a joke and i believe it runs at 5 psi. it is too small and the engine is a huge weak spot to begin with. i know from personal experience the radioators cant handle more power than the car already has. the v-6 has always had many weak spots and modding it will only drain a large wallet. if you still want to go with it( read as...have a fat wallet), you might want to do a google search for modding saabs. there are a few companies out there that specialize in saabs. check for some tips with that motor. i am not sure if there are many mods for a v-6 to be honest. you may have to engineer them yourself.

07-11-2005, 03:22 PM
yea he has the v6 turbo, it was his parents and they just gave it to him, his goal is to be able to keep up slightly w/ my 300zx tt, which obviously wont happen if theres not alot of mods he can do

07-12-2005, 03:33 PM
i am not saying it cant happen, it would be a huge undertaking. the v-6 is considerably slower than the 4 banger already and to get it to go faster than the already potent 4 banger, would take a lot of research and cash. good luck. i would recommend selling the car. it will be very problematic as it ages. brake rotors, cooling leaks/problems( cracking radiators), timing belt issues(pathetic design), oil leak issues(heat exchanger, oil filter adaptor covers, main seals), we have seen alot of head gasket issues to with those.they are all very difficult to fix in an economic way. heaven forbid something happen to the engine. they dont make them anymore! i would buy a 4 banger 9-5 anytime though. great car.

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