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1988 Eldo Electric Schematic

07-05-2005, 03:04 PM
My '88 Edlorado's heater/def./air blower is running constantly, even when the motor is shut off and the key is removed, it keeps running until the battery gives up. I figure there's a relay contact stuck somewhere. The big question is where? I checked the one's under the hood and they're OK. I don't have a manual or electric schematic for this car so if anyone has one they can E-mail me or knows of a link I can download one from, please let me know.

Of course I can always purchase a manual, which I plan on doing. However, I live in the mountains and will not be heading down into the city for another week or two.

Anyone know where the stuck relay might be hidden before I start removing every panel in the damn car?

Or, any other other causes for this blower motor running contimually?

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