Z3 3.0i Dilemma - Steptronic Auto or Manual?

06-29-2005, 01:56 PM
First post :)
Anyway here goes...

I put a deposit on a 3.0i Steel Grey Metallic Auto Steptroinic Z3 last week. However since buying it Ive worried that I may regret it since test driving a couple of manuals since.

1...Basically the auto feels like its thinking about trying to change gear all the time (from the revs).

2...Also it feels like it is slower than the manuals, now is this because the gear changes are smoother and therefore you dont feel the head snapping back like a jerky manual change or is simply slower?

I just dont think it can be because the stats show it .3 of a second slower at 0-60 than a manul so why does it feel so much slower?

Its that its coming down to me going tomorrow to pick up the car and saying that i dont want it any more and losing my 500 deposit and getting a silver 3.0 (which I dont like a s much just because its a manual)

So I would be VERY grateful for ANY help on this dilemma.


06-30-2005, 02:57 PM
I went with the manual and purchased a Silver 3.0i today from a main dealer...:) So glad thats out of the way, cant wait until Weds now!!!
Thanks for the advice people...;)

04-06-2006, 07:44 PM
well here's a little POST buying advice then: GO WITH THE MANUAL!!!

first, a manual affords better control of the vehicle. Any decent driver who doesn't have to battle constant traffic goes with a manual. PLUS steptronic transmissions are just flashy automatic trannies. They get boring just like driving an automatic does.

the reason the steptronic FELT so much slower is because it's not ONLY .3 seconds slower 0-60 time, it's the fact that .3 seconds is ALOT. Essentially, the difference you feel is because a .3 second 0-60 time difference is actually substantial at the type of speeds/times we're talking about with this car. So, in the end, i'm glad you went with the manual, since i dont even know why BMW bothered producing an automatic version of this car.

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