Recalls on my 1998 isuzu rodeo.

06-28-2005, 02:28 AM
Its been months since i took my 98 rodeo to get two recalls done at a local isuzu dealership and the recalls where the ABS module and rewireing the rear defroster switch and when i took it to get those two recalls done they where both working fine but now my rear defroster doesn't work and my ABS light stayes on. I know on the recall papers they sent me there was a 1-800 number that I could of called if I was not satisfied with what they did and to top things off they did not return the papers to me. SO PLEASE IF ANYONE CAN PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!:confused:Oh one more thing when I did take my isuzu back to the dealer they said that they had worked on those two things but that it had nothing to with them not working. So please if someone has any phone #s or anythig so I can report this thank you!!!!!!!!!


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