302 in 67 falcon

06-18-2005, 10:16 PM
I've got a 1967 falcon s/w 4 door with a 200 I6 and a bad C4. I'm wondering if it would be feasible to take the 302 out of my 69 E300
(.060 over TRW forged pistons/rods, roller top end, align bored, rebabbetted crank, shot peened, ported-polished -etc, you get the idea) find an automatic for the V-8 and drop it into the falcon.
Good idea, bad idea? Am I setting myself up for major dissappointment or a major undertaking that would eventually leave me happy or unhappy? This engine has a LOT of power and moves the 3.5 ton van with a trailer down the interstate at 70 plus. But, the van has the aerodynamics of a brick, and about the same handling as a battleship. I'd like to either restore the falcon or restore/up-engine the falcon. anybody done this engine upgrade or something similiar to a late 60's falcon. How does it change the handling going from a six to an eight, what would I need to do to the front end to handle the added weight. What other upgrades would the frame, chassis, etc need. The falcon has the stock rear axle (it's not a nine inch) I know I'd need a major radiator, trans cooler. I'd keep my dual 4 quart remote oil filters and cooler. I'd also need a redo on the driveshaft. but other than that, any opinions, advice, options, comments?

06-23-2005, 10:08 PM
the 302 should move it pretty good adn would make it much more fun then the 6er

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