What am I hearing? Tensioner??

Ramblin Fever
06-13-2005, 10:21 AM
For a few weeks now, I've thought that my truck has developed the infamous "tick" - don't think that's the case after really listening to it over the weekend.

See my Dad has the 22RE toyota 4-cylinder engine and it ticks like a sewing machine - had his truck over for the weekend, and it sounds nothing like what the Rodeo has developed.

The sound is coming from the right side (passenger side) of the truck, you can hear it through the wheel well, but it's much more pronounced from below the engine.

It's not "loud", if you weren't standing by that side of the truck, you probably wouldn't hear it. But you can hear it echo off from another vehicle if you're parked next to it.

It's similar to a "wrapping" sound, and seems to mainly be appearant after the truck has sat for several hours or more. Once the truck has warmed up, i.e. driving for 12 miles/20 minutes or so the noise is barely audible.

The noise does not get louder with higher rpm's, in fact, it goes away and only comes back at idle. You can only hear it from inside the truck for the first 5-7 minutes of starting the truck, (but you have to have the window down), after that, you can't hear it anymore unless you get your head under the engine.

FWIW, the truck's only using 1/8-1/4 qt of oil in 3K miles, Oil pressure is around 50-60 warm idle, and 75-80 under load.

Timing belt, tensioner, water pump replaced once at 59K miles, I now have just rolled over 140K.

A guy I work with made a comment a week or so that it sounded like a rod knocking :eek7: :disappoin

I'm guessing it's the tensioner; I should say "I'm hoping" it's the tensioner. :confused:

All thoughts welcome!

Cat Fuzz
06-13-2005, 10:14 PM
Sounds like a tensioner to me. Get you one of these (http://www.sears.com/sr/javasr/product.do?BV_UseBVCookie=Yes&vertical=TOOL&pid=00945164000) They're great for pinpointing noises.

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