Opinions: Puralator Premium oil filter?

Ramblin Fever
06-09-2005, 09:57 AM
Been spending a lot of time on Bob's the oil guy site; seems to be the majority don't readily care for OEM oil filters as much as some other filters.

And I'm just curious to try other filters and see what becomes; only other filter I've ever liked, aside from OEM, is Bosch.

And, in fact, my 2nd to last oil change was done by my mechanic friend, in which, he had put on a Bosch oil filter. Funny thing is, is I just got done this last weekend doing another oil/filter change, I put on an OEM filter and the truck's a tad louder then norm.

I'm wondering if it's been that way all along, and just having a different oil filter for 3k miles (Bosch) then switching back to OEM allured me to the noise difference.

Oil pressure is the same for both filters.

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