New Timing Belt and Pulley

06-08-2005, 03:33 AM
I am just curious hwo much you guys think it would cost to have the kevlar timing belt and the pulley it comes with plus the new Lightweight pulley 3sx makes installed on my SL? About what do you think it would cost JUST installations?

06-08-2005, 09:39 AM
I'll tell you this now, do NOT spend the extra money on the kevlar timing belt. It's just not worth it. I know a guy that has a 91 vr4 and his timing belt was fine, but the pulley went bad, and stopped the timing belt, and all the teeth were torn off and it ruined the engine. No matter how good the timing belt is, the other parts are still going to be replaced anyways, and so it's better just to keep everything in sync together and do everything at the same time.

Doing a 60k job takes about 10 hours of labor. Good luck finding a shop that will install you the parts though. Usually they won't do the job unless you buy the parts from them too.

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