IL $1000 speeding ticket

06-06-2005, 01:13 AM
Illinois Speed Cameras to Take License on 2nd Offense

Illinois will begin using photo radar in freeway work zones in July.
Second offense tickets are $1,000 with license suspension.

Beginning in July the State of Illinois will use speed cameras in areas
designated as "work zones" on major freeways. Anyone caught by the
devices will be mailed a $375 ticket for the first offense, but a
second ticket will cost $1000 and comes with a 90-day license
suspension. Drivers will also receive demerit points against their
license, which allows insurance companies to raise their insurance
rates. This represents the harshest penalty structure yet for a city
using photo enforcement.

The state will begin with two camera vans issuing tickets in zones with
speed limits lowered to 45 MPH. Photographs of both the driver's face
and license plate are taken. Officials announced the plan on the Dan
Ryan Expressway suggesting Chicago area roads are likely to be a target.
Illinois Tollway Executive Director Jack Hartman promised more work
zones: "Since the Tollway just launched our $5.3 billion Congestion
Relief Plan, drivers will see more work zones on the Tollway than they
have in the past."

07-08-2005, 05:30 PM
I swear... you cant do anything anymore. I get paranoid as hell driving along Kostner and Roosevelt kuz of those damn cameras. Eventually they are gonna have all cars individually monitored. Damn government.

07-08-2005, 07:34 PM
Damn, I hate all Illinois's driving laws. It's all Chicago's fault too. Now I live in Illinois right on the Mississippi and I still have to deal with all the stupid laws. Pisses me off. Sorry, but I just had to vent a little.

08-19-2005, 11:39 PM
Is it really true that any modification you make to your car is illegal in Illinois?? I have heard that a few times and get crap for even putting a cat back exhaust on!!
come on people it's getting ridiclous

08-20-2005, 12:13 AM
Is it really true that any modification you make to your car is illegal in Illinois?? I have heard that a few times and get crap for even putting a cat back exhaust on!!
come on people it's getting ridiclous

No that's not true, if the exhaust it too loud you can get a ticket just like any where. I don't see cops pulling over Harley's and I can hear them a 1/4 mile away with music on.

I got pulled over a few weeks ago for tinted front windows and didn't get a ticket or warning, it's all in your attitude I beleive.

08-20-2005, 10:15 AM
I really don't believe in constant monitoring of drivers, but in work zones...with actual road work...i think it's ok. If that's what it takes to get people to slow down through work zones and not almost kill the workers, then so be it.

Not to mention i live in ND so whatever happens won't effect me!! jk :P

12-08-2005, 08:36 PM
I actually am very much looking forward to the camera zones in chicago. It is well known that chicago is one of the worst cities to drive in next to atlanta and dallas. I have to go there occasionally for work (i live across the pond in mi.), and i dispise(spellcheck) it. Drivers over there are reckless, stupid, distracted, and could care less why you are there, as long as they are driving, "you need to get out of my way". The local radio station recently put up a "rant messaging service" to have people tell off others who made them angry, whether it be a buisness or boss, or whatever. some guy actually had the nerve to call in and complain, that " if your not doing at least 20 over the limit, then get out of the left lane"..........if that is not the definition of reckless driving, i don't know what is. If you aren't doing 80 in a 55, you will get pushed or run over. almost everyone in that city thinks they are "more important" than everyone else, and the laws don't apply to them. The last time i was in chi town, i watched, as the average speed through the construction zones was 80, with some drivers pushing 95. this is pathetic, and i hope that the money comes rolling in, and maybe, just maybe, the roads in chicago may be actually safe to drive on.

it is unfortunate however, that these same enforcements are applied to all off ill. because of one towns stupid drivers. but, like they say, it only takes one guy to screw it up for everyone.

i say on third offense, they are looking at jail time.

go get em troopers!


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