Having trouble explaining to the MBguys

06-06-2005, 01:35 AM
Having trouble explaining to the MBguys


That an 00-03 BMW supercharged by Dinan would rip apart an E55 AMG...they keep saying its not fair....im saying wtf its not fair about it the E55 ang is supercharged and the M5 thats a generation older isnt and when its supercharged it would put performance out of it that would rip the E55 apart and instead it would compete with the SL but they dont seem to understand that....they are sooo self center thinking their car is the best !! i just wanna and tell idiot their not ! AMG is not that great hot shot ! ahh soory mods i just wanted to vent here tell you guys about it ! may you guys should go to the mbworld . org tell them your kill stories of how many E's you have killed with your M power.... lol btw this is my first post ! i hope to have a good time here with you guys! i really like BMWS alot althugh i have a benz, hopefully ill get a BMW soon since i love their aggresive style and how beautiful they can handle. BTW my name is Enrique i'm from the bay area and i hope to have some good times here ! cheers everyone!

06-06-2005, 08:46 AM
You own a BMW. WHy are you even reading soemthing about benzes?

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