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Northstar differences

06-04-2005, 05:31 PM
What are the differences, if any, between the various years of Northstars? I've got to replace the one in my '97, and need to know what will work when I go to the salvage yard.

06-04-2005, 07:01 PM
Below is a quote taken from another site which was posted by a GM engineer, Bbobynski, regarding the differences between Northstar engines:

The 270 and 275 HP engines (LD8) are basically the same. The 295 and 300 HP engines (L37) are basically the same. The Northstar engines were rated 270/295 in 93/94. Those engines became 275/300 in 1995-99. The difference between the L37 and the LD8 engines from 93-99 is the intake camshafts....that is all that accounts for the HP difference. The 5 HP from 93/94 to 95 was due to the intake manifold design changing from the large enclosure with internal tuning tubes to the one piece, injection molded plastic manifold in 95. The difference in power levels is not due to a simple "chip" or cal change.

Your 94 will have the large enclosure style intake or large magnesium box with the internal tuning tubes. On the 93/94 the silver top cover is actually part of the intake as it forms the top of the intake manifold. On 95 and later engines the silver top cover is only a beauty cover...not a functional part. The 94 has the phenolic spacer plates between the intake and the cylinder head.

A standard Eldorado would have the 270 HP engine and an ETC would have the 295 HP engine.

The transmission on all FWD Northstar engines, regardless of HP, is the 4T80E. No difference with HP.

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