2001 Rodeo LS Brake Question

05-23-2005, 02:45 PM
I just purchased a 2001 Rodeo LS with 37000 miles, I noticed the brakes seemed to travel alot so I returned it to the dealer and they worked on it for a month trying to find the problem. They replaced the master cylinder, brake pads and those did not work. They finally replaced a bolt on the front right caliper and said that the caliper was bent and preventing all the air being bleed from the lines, so I got it back and the brakes did feel a little better they seemed to grab faster but they still seem to go down a little far, plus if you hit them once, then press them right after that they seem to grab a lot faster. Just trying to figure out if this is normal or if there is still a problem. No warning lights are on, i'm just trying to figure out if i'm just not used to these brakes or if something is still wrong.

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