switch 3.2l to 4.3l gm

05-20-2005, 12:32 AM
Im jut curious, ive been having some problems with my 3.2l 94 rodeo engine. Just had the heads done and now it wont start. its getting fuel and spark, so im a little puzzled, but think that the timing belt may not be on right. if anyone has any ideas, theyd be a great help. But anyways, i was wondering if it is possible to convert to the gm 4.3l v6? I was wondering if it would fit, what the tranny differences are etc... Just an idea i was pondering. I am hoping to get the 3.l to run again, cause i loved it when it ran, but am getting a little tired of the price of repair parts for it up her in canada. anyways any ideas or thoughts would be apreciated. Thanks, Dave.

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