Im back (same car)+contest

05-18-2005, 01:42 AM
I got some shit going on right now. Just wait til' I get back from Massachusetts and I'll have something for you guys. You guys gonna piss your panties when you see what I got. But until then..I wanna keep you guys occupied. And myself..I'll be checking this thread. This game is called guess what I got. One guess per person. You can post one guess only..but you can post multiple posts..just only one guess. Whoever gets closest, or gets it dead on wins. The winner shall receive either:

Prize A) A chance to meet AND race Dampachi himself! Yes, thats right kiddies! Depending on where your at..I'll drive my shit out to your city and race you. All you gotta do is make a damn good guess.

Prize B) $20 via paypal/check/or cash. Just incase somebody in like..Africa or some shit wins. I ain't trying to drive there. Plus..theres some places I just don't want to drive to. Not to mention some people don't have race cars/wouldn't give two shits about meeting and racing me.

I'm dead serious about this. I have a free week in July and I want to go on vacation somewhere...I just haven't decided where. So this will help me decide. If you win, you get to pick prize A or B. "A" depending on if your location qualifies. Have fun guys! :thumbsup:

Rules: One guess per person. Must not be a vague answer. No hints. If no one gets it, I'll choose the person closest to the answer.

-The Stig-
05-18-2005, 01:49 AM
My guess is... No more threads about "guess what I got" "guess the swap"


Sorry... Closed. Post back when you return. Don't waste our bandwidth.

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