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1995 windstar with po171 & p0174 codes

05-14-2005, 06:13 PM

I have been looking over the other threads and none address the 1995. Looking at the engine, it is different from the later (96) years and doesn't have the same intake. It is all one piece and I can't see how it could possibly have the same 'leaking' bolts.

In short. I am getting the error codes p0171 & p0174. The van runs great and if I reset the maintenance light, it stays off for around a hundred miles or so.

I am getting ready to start the simple things now ... loose hoses, clean the maf sensor, fuel filter, etc. In general, all looks good under the hood ... lines are not dry or cracked, nothing out of place etc.

With the lack of mention of the 1995, is this a problem more common the the 'later'. two piece intake ?? What might cause the problem in the 1995 ??

05-14-2005, 06:29 PM
Anytime there is more air than there should be it will flag the 171/174 lean codes.

You either have unmetered air entering the system due to a leak or air that is not being read correctly by the MAF or you have a fuel flow problem.

I am curious though 1995 is pre OBD11. Are you certain you have those codes? Maybe California cars had OBD11 in 95. (is your car from California?)

05-14-2005, 07:22 PM
No, the van is not from ca.

Yes, the van has the plug under the dash and I am using an actron obd II scanner. The scanner has no problem linking with the van and it is giving the p0171 & p0174 codes.

I guess what I am looking for is any common 'odd' problems before I start the 'looking for the needle in a hay stack' leak. I see the problem with the later years and the 'leaking bolts' and that is not the kind of thing you would go to first unless you knew about it.

If there are no 'fordisms' that are out there then I will start with the usual causes.

Thanks for the fast reply....

05-14-2005, 08:00 PM
I agree that you will not have the isolator bolt problems because that is for later years.

Look into your fuel delivery including something simple like the filter and also look at any place or reason why you may be getting air into the intake without a proper reading from the MAF sensor. This includes the MAF sensor itself. I have heard of these things getting pretty dirty and reading low. Also look for any small leaks.

Good luck

05-15-2005, 08:24 PM
Try cleaning the MAF with non-residue electronic cleaner. Also...inspect the PCV lines. Make sure that the oil dip-stick is fully the air going into the crankcase to replace the air drawn out through the PCV is measured air....that has passed through the MAF. Also....carefully check the air intake system....from the throttle body through the air filter and MAF. I am not sure what it looks like on the ' I have a '96. But any leak in the hose is not good....

06-01-2005, 05:40 AM
Looks like it was the MAF sensor. Took it out and the two elements were covered with black crusty junk. Used a q-tip with electronic contact cleaner to remove all that junk. Put it back in place and 300 miles later, still no engine light. Knock on wood.
Thank you all for the advice.


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