85 Jimmy frozen column???

M. Jeeves
05-11-2005, 06:46 PM
I hope that some of you can help me with this problem, as even the dealership's service department seems not to be able to give any advice!

Here is the problem... My 1985 GMC S1500 Jimmy, Automatic transmission, steering column shifter would not unlock and go into gear even after the key was turned on and the engine started? You could jiggle the shifter up and down, and eventually (too long!) the shifter would unlock and go into the gear ranges. This condition, off and on, has gotten more frequent over time to the point that you are not sure when you park if you can even get it into to gear after the SUV has been started!

In the last two days it has started a new problem on top of the one above... the key is now locked, and I do meen locked, in the on position and won't turn off or come out? I have opened up the column, as far as I can (as per the manuals) and have taken the key/lock assembly out, and I have also been able to remove the ignition switch and dimmer switch assemblies off the column. This did free up the rod from the igniton switch to the key assembly and all of the gears move freely? The ignition switch itself was quite hard to move through it's range of three or four positions? I don't have any idea how hard this is supposed to be to move with the rods??? Any help here would be appreciated greatly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am pretty sure the problem is in the column and not the likage from the shifter to the auto transmission since the key is stuck in the on position, but why? And what should I do now with the key stuck in that position? Neither service manual even mentions a problem like this???? HELP!!!!!!!

I know this is a SUV but the column should be the same in all vehicles of that year? Again...HELP!!!!!

05-21-2005, 10:32 PM
Shifter not unlocking sounds like a brake switch shift/lock release problem.
The key release problem I have also, as of TONIGHT! I disconnected the battery for a couple of minutes, reconnected it, and got the ignition switch to give up the key. Keep a spare key with you until you, or I, figure this one out (I've got another slightly older electrical problem, which might or might not be related), but can't examine for a couple of days...

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