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tune-up (spark plug tight corner) 94 camaro

05-11-2005, 05:03 PM

I got my hands on a 94 camaro (6 cyl) and want to give it a tune-up (new plugs, wires, oxygen sensor) myself.

Called a repairman and not willing to pay what he's asking labor and having done tune-ups on other cars, figured I'd make time to do this one.

One reason the repairman (in my mind was pricey, he mentioned
tight space of plugs).

I see now what he meant, but I'm in no rush and still will do it myself. I've changed 4 of the plugs (3 on drivers side door easy), and 1 (rear closest to firewall/windshield) on the opposite side (although would like to apply more pressure on this one).

All thats left is the 2 front closest to radiator/battery. Is there a special tool some of you use to get to these 2 plugs? The alternator is in the way and some other thingie that kinda reminds me of a old look distributor in a engine.

Difficult to get my ratchet, extension, swivel joint and plug socket in there and remove (and probably tighten back on).


05-11-2005, 09:09 PM
All Three on the passenger side are pretty difficult because the EGR valve is in the way. They are possible I think I used a universal socket to get them out I can't remember exactly. It is tough since you pretty much have to build your tool in as you go. Good Luck...

05-19-2005, 04:13 PM
Let me provide solutions to assist other readers.....reading other posts
certainly helped me.

First I'll address my original email (no room to take out plugs):
Little to no room at all. No room to advance the ratchet handle in either
direction to take out and replace old spark plugs on passenger side. I go to pepboys (parts store) and they have a tool selling for $20 which claims to get into tight spaces. Figured why not (as its cheaper than the $225 tune-up repairman quoted me for). Bought it, took it home
and had the old plugs out and new in within 10 minutes. The difference?
This tool was also a ratchet.....BUT it had a T-handle on the end of the ratchet handle that appears to have gears inside ratchet end that you can turn the t-handle. All you have to do is be able to get the socket on the plug and have space where the handle clears upward.

Good deal.....I'll be using this tool more.

But that was part of my problem. After changing the spark plugs, there's plenty of daylight left so I take out new plug wires I'd purchased, aligned them in order shortest to longest. Then I took a few minutes to inspect the plug/wires under the hood and found the shortest, then replaced the new one (shortest) with the old one (under hood). Continued to do this til all 6 replaced.

One thing I noticed as I'm studying the old wires. 2 of them had no metal clip in the boot that attaches to the tip of spark plug. I think first owner in cramp spaces basically yanked/tugged on passenger side plug/boot and clips snapped off and they never missed it and jammed the rubber boot (no metal clip inside boot) back on the plug. Got in the car and took it for a spin.....nice performance boost.

Drove it to work the next day (appx 25-30 min drive). Ran MUCH better than before, but at certain point "service engine soon" light came on as I was 1/2 mile from work parking lot and it was sluggish (intermittent) and I thought maybe plug wire came off.

Lunchtime (and daylight) and I check under the hood securing the plug connections. Head home later and 4-5 miles before I reach home, its sluggish again.

Started reading these posts and found a post that problem sounded very, very similar to mine. The person in the post basically mentioned the "service engine soon" light being on and bet the problem was the coil pack (which replaces distributor and 3 of them for 6 cylinder....I'd never heard of it), indicated they'd bought theirs for $19 (mine $21 at autozone), that originals had white numbering (firing order) and after market wouldn't (all 3 are the same) and indicated they were easy to replace.

They were right. I figured why not give it a shot, went purchased 3 for mine. Had to buy 2 inch extension and "smallest" ratchet I could fine (you wouldn't believe how small harbor freight can go) being I measured with my 6 inch metal pocket ruler I had less than 3.5 inches height for ratchet to extend. My other smallest ratchet, easy to see it wouldn't work.

Taking each one off was as simple as removing 2 screws per coil and ensuring the plugs stayed secure til I placed the new one beside the old and moved each of the 2 plugs to the new coil.

I started with the lower coil closest to engine (top 2 coils were very accessible and figured if I could get the lower one, no problem with the other 2).

Took it for a spin after replacing the 3, again a very nice performance boost and racing purrr....

Drove it to work this morning, and time I left this morning I go to work 15 minutes earlier.......:-)

Oh, "service engine soon" did reappear for 5 minutes of drive to work (but not running sluggish anymore :-) and it went off and hasn't been seen since this those 5 mins, lunchtime drive/test, and drive home. :-)

Lots of power.....reaching speeds of 75 easy going in to work this morning. Driving home, rush hour negated that but power was there had lanes been less heavy.

Thanks and sorry for the length.

05-20-2005, 03:42 PM
Excerpt from the Chevy guys dictionary:

camaro: (ka-mare-o) 1)driving happiness. 2)official car of rock-n-roll. 3) invconvenience and envy of mustang owners..


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