Another happy Isuzu Owner

05-11-2005, 02:05 PM
Recent email sent to me:


Hello Ryan:

Your Isuzu fact-finding website

was a huge help in my research on a ongoing problem I have had with my 2000
Isuzu Rodeo. I am the original owner and a year ago, went to the dealer and
they indicated the FUEL SENDING UNIT (fuel gauge not working) was not covered
under the Powertrain 10yr/100K warranty. Well after reviewing notes on your
site, I contacted the Isuzu corporate customer service and they indicated that
IT IS covered. I called the local Houston, TX dealer and they said no it's not
that it "is not attached directly to the fuel pump - therefore it is not
considered part of the warranty". I told them to please call the Isuzu
customer service/owner relations manager that I spoke to (800) 255-6727 to get
Isuzu's most recent information and to fix my car!

It worked, I just rec'd my warranty work for the fuel sending unit (FSU) and
paid nothing! Please post my info on your site, so other Isuzu owners can do
the same. Isuzu customer relations number works wonders! If a dealer is giving
you a hard time - refer to the corporate office - it worked for me.

Thanks for all your efforts with the web info - it saved me $470.00 for this FSU

Stacey Cramer
Houston, Texas
(2000 Isuzu Rodeo LS owner)

05-11-2005, 07:58 PM
I am very glad this worked out for you! I had the exact same problem last month but my dealership (in Dallas) fixed it without question. I bet a million bucks your dealership was trying to double bill you AND Isuzu. I would have never gone back to that dealer for the repairs! Houston is big enough to have multiple choices for the repairs.

EDIT : (I do realize my reply is to the letter writer and not to our esteemed moderator! :) :rolleyes:

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