Tranny Swap!

05-11-2005, 03:56 AM
i've got a '92 E36 318 (M40 engine; euro spec, Right hand drive) with an auto tranny.

currently i'm assmebling together parts to do a conversion to a manual drive train. if some of u more experienced chaps have done this before, do share some info?

i've got a tranny out of an E30 with a similar M40 engine, and will prob need to somehow "modify" a driveshaft to mate the tranny to the final drive...any thoughts/advice pls?

also, the current final drive is a 4.44 ratio i think...compared to like 3.9X for the manual version. i reckon i may lose some top speed and gain some pick up... am i right? or am i mising something?..

thanx for any advice!



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