Buying a Z3 M Roadster

05-11-2005, 02:19 AM

I live in Panama and I have a 1997 Z3 1.9, but I realy would like to get a bigger engine and I was thinkin of eather the 3.0i or 3.2 but after cheking both out I deside on the M 3.2L but then I came across with the fact that in order to get at least 315HP it would have to be a 2001, for those of you who have both of them is there realy a big diference between the 2 of them ??

05-17-2005, 01:23 AM

I don't want to sound negative, but from the point of view of fitting an M roadster motor into an original 1.9l Z. You are probably better off saving your pennies and buying an M roadster. There are significant chassis and drive train differences between the two cars. The body is actually much wider in the M to allow for bigger tyres and exhaust. I presume that the chassis is much stiffer to cope with the significant more power and torque. This is also the case the the gearbox. You would probably need a different diff too, as the M roadster had an LSD and I believe that the 1.9l Z relied on its traction control to reduce wheel spin.


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