noobie owner

05-10-2005, 11:37 PM

I'm in the process of buying 2002 linear saab 9-5 5 speed manual with 40k miles on it for $14,500. Which i think is a good price.

but i have one question for now.
When i was test driving it, whenever i would shift into 3rd gear, the shifter would jerk back at me. It doesn't throw itself out of gear, it just jerks at me. I thought i grinded the gears, but i didn't. Any reason why it does that to me?

and it only happens when i shift into 3rd gear, but not any other gear.

sorry about the silly question =)


06-06-2005, 12:00 AM
it isnt a silly question at all. most liekly the 3rd gear synchro is faulty. i would make sure the transmission has had the latest updated fluid in it (mtf 0063), the shift linkage is adjusted and check if the tranny has been overhauled. there was a problem with earlier trans. shifting problems and there is a kit to fix this. it may need a update kit. the dealer should be able to check on that for you. they will be able to pull up the warranty history for you.

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