infiniti g35 body kit

05-10-2005, 11:31 PM
anyone know where you can order the Impul body kit from cheap?

I seen it here g35 body kits (

05-11-2005, 12:10 AM
website doesn't work.

06-07-2005, 04:55 AM
Keep in mind that the impul front bumper is made of polyurethane, so the bumper gaurds/pads can not be shaved off... or very hard if possible. Also, the license plate holder/mount can not be removed either.

However, there is a replica kit that is made in fiberglass where you can shave off the pads and modify the license plate mount off. Heres some info below about the replica:


We just got in our first round of the impossible to get and always desired IMPUL style kit from YakuzaSyn.

YS the manufacturer of our well respected KS style kit has just sent us the first 6 kits for immediate sale.

I can only break up a few kits since full will be easier to deal with at our warehouse. FIBERGLASS MATERIALS, no foglights at this time but we are working on the sizes to get this taken care of***

MSRP on replica 2500.00 for FULL FRONT, FULL SIDES and FULL REAR
REAL KIT:3500.00 msrp

OUR PRICE to the boards: Full kit 1895.00 plus shipping fee's Remember we have the wing in stock as well with kit only 159.00!******************************************* ************************************************** ************************PRICE DROP!!!-- To show everyone the quality and the fact 350zforums is dedicated to the members, we are selling the first 5 kits at a loss to get word out about this kit. First 5 full kit orders are now 1555.00 plus shipping (wing is still 159) We need to move these kits and we appreciate the word of mouth that all the members will generate....************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** *******************************

Individual parts while they will last: 699.00 each plus shipping

This kit unlike others will only have a one time limited run and because of the high quality control like the KS and the obvious price difference for nearly identical quality top to bottom, these will not last long!!

PM us for purchase details.. we take PAYPAL, wiretrans, and all major credit cards as usual!


team ipdg


This is a quote from Talk to Dave, tell him that Paul sent you. If he doesnt know which Paul I am.. I'm the "Ings face duct, Paul" lol. He'll know :)

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