156 bad engine damage.

05-10-2005, 04:04 PM
My pride and joy 2.0 Litre T spark Alpha 156 is very poorly

I do not know and I hope no one else has suffered such a catastophic quantity of damage due to the power steering pump tension pulley which is made of some sort of plastic broke up on my car. The broken pulley found its way between the cam belt and the timing pulley causing it to slip this inturn snapped the cam shaft which snapped the valve stems which damaged the pistons and spark plugs. Thats what we know about it may also have damaged the crank shaft due to the broken spark plug parts and valve stems hitting the cylinder head and piston tops. If anyone else has sufferd with this pulley collapsing I would dearly like to know. The car has only done 38000. I think Alpha should compensate for defective parts. The car has not been thrashed and has been well maintained and has had all the required services at the due dates and mileage. Can any one help?

05-30-2005, 04:03 AM

That sounds like some serious damage. Not that it is much help now but I am running a metal ancillary drive idle roller on my 156. I sourced it from a local bearing supplier. The other rollers remain plastic (OE), however I would seriously consider finding a metal alternative if they needed replacement, the essential criteria being belt tracking and belt wrap (to ensure sufficient drive).

Normally the plastic rollers are very noisy prior to failure. Perhaps something else fouled the roller causing it to fail!

Commiserations, I would be morose in your situation.

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