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Installing Air Horns

05-08-2005, 05:12 PM
I hope somebody can help me on this as it is one area that I have no knowledge of at all.

I have a 79 FJ45 and I've just bought a set of air horns for it. The kit came with the horns, compressor, relays and hose (plus bolts and whatnot).

I have the horns, compressor and relays mounted fine - but I am not at all knowledgeable about wiring (or electrics, for that matter). And I do mean - not at all. :banghead:

The destructions that came with it show how to wire it up, but its greek to me. The ute presently has its 2 original horns and I have removed one horn and mounted the compressor in its place - there are 2 wires with leads that were attached to that horn.

Now what the heck do I do next? If anyone would like to help, I can email you with an attachment of the instructions (not much - just a wiring diagram and some written stuff).

I sure do need help with this - can anyone lend a hand?

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