Help with G35 coupe upgrades....

05-07-2005, 10:34 PM
In a few months, I'll be buying a G35 coupe, and I'm doing my research now so I can "hit the ground running". I've dealt with little Hondas for many many years, but I'm going to assume that this car is a whole 'nother game, so I'm going to consider myself a newb all over again :) This is going to be a daily driven car.

This is all I have planned so far...

Ings front and rear lip kit
KenStyle sideskirts
OEM spoiler
OEM 19in rims (sport-tuned suspension package)

I have no idea...
How good is the factory "sport-tuned suspension" package? Is it worth it? What exactly does it come with and how much of a difference will it make? How does it compared to other aftermarket suspension parts (performance/price).

I'm looking for a mild upgrade with a drop that is 1.5 or less. Tien and Eibach seem to be mentioned alot... how good are they for the G35?

I have a Honda that isnt too fast, but when it came to the twisties and tight turns... it held its own with the best of them! I'll probably start with a mild upgrade untill I've settled into the car and learned more about it, and upgrade the suspension more seriously later.

I liked the Stillen stage II supercharger... untill I found out I had to have that ugly hood to clear the sc! I'd rather not go turbo... so if I go NA, what are the best bolt-ons and upgrades I can do to make a difference?

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