1999 rodeo engine stalling while stopping

05-07-2005, 03:23 PM
i'm a 2nd owner of my 99 rodeo [bought it from my uncle]
about a couple of months ago, i started to experience engine stalls on my 99 rodeo, either when i have to make a sudden stop, and the rpm needle goes down to zero, then revs up, then finally stalls. this also happens when i accelerate to maybe the 2nd gear then have to press on the breaks for stop signs or hard turns. also, when i start up the engine, it would stall or have a rough idle.
went to my mechanic. after the diagnosis, he told me that the engine needed a full tune up, including changing the intake manifold gasket. so i had him do the work. afterwards, he did tell me that the EGR valve may be needed to be replaced, since he told me that he cleaned it, yet the CEL was still on. but he also said that the stalling problem should be fixed.
so 3 months to the present time, i started having stalling problems again. brought it back to the mechanic today, he told me that the idle air control valve needed to be replaced. so i had him do the work again. he did mention when i piecked up the car that i may need to bring this back to the dealer because the onboard computer may be malfunctioning and the EGR valve still might needed to be replaced to correct the CEL problem.

now i've seen the topics on the board about the IMG leaks that may be the caused of this engine stalls. but it seems odd that in my situation that after my mechanic had supposedly fixed the IMG leaks, that this would still be happening. and i've been going to the guy for years, so i don't think he's ripping me off [but i could be wrong...]

my question is, could this potential computer malfunction be the culprit to this issue, and/or maybe it's the EGR valve? or maybe that the IMG is still leaking somehow? and how do i go about checking if it is leaking?


05-07-2005, 06:13 PM
Still sounds like the IMG. There is a specfic torque number to use when tighting things down.

Also, you need to clean the EGR port too. there is a tube that goes from the EGR into the intake. If you open up the butterfly in the intake there is a little tube (intake port) that can get carboned up and plugged. Easy to clean. See the FAQ's for photos.


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