Flywheel Install and Shop Manual

05-02-2005, 01:03 PM
Weel has you all know by now the stock tiburon clutch sux and mine is on the way to junk yard within a month or months depending on the way i drive it. I'm looking to do a lightened flywheel when I do the clutch? why not right? well. I've done a clutch before, but not on a tib and I was looking for a shop manual that would include an 03 2.0L I-4. It would be great if someone direct me in the right spot. Or even beeter if someone had the clutch/ flywheel install/removal pages of a shop manual and could scan themand post them that would would be cool. I definitely want to do picks of my install/ removal to post when i'm done to help others out. At this time it looks like I'm purchasing a exedy clutch with a fodanza lightened flywheel. any comments or concerns on this combo would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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