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PLEASE , need help

05-01-2005, 11:58 PM
I am impressed with my brand new car. Almost everything meets my expectation except sound system. I chose ARC instead of Linear mainly because of 1. Engine 2. Sound system. Sale rep. told me that it worth the money upgrade from 7/150w speakers to 13/300 watts, I don't think so. I am thinking of upgrade the speaker.

You guys have any recommendation on the upgrade ?(I will have to use retail service like Best Buy, Circuit city or Tweeter as resources coz I can't do it myself.)

I have some question to ask you fellow members.

1. Do I really need to upgrade all 13?

2. If not which one

3. What about AMP?

4. Can I use after market head unit like Alpine?

I have budget around $700.

PLEASE HELP! I am frustrated with poor sound quality. (The center one is really annoying)

06-02-2005, 12:19 PM
first of all, good choice going with the sport sedan. before you go and buy a new stereo system, take the caar back to the dealer (service) and see if the radio can be updatedl there was a problem with a software glitch that caused the radio to sound crappy. simply updating the software fixes the problem. it will sound like a different system. try that first. if that doesnt work for you, you may want to upgrade the speakers. be carefull though because the audio system is tied to many other systems and if the dealer wants to, they can void your factory warranty if you put aftermarket parts on your car. aftermarket head unit can work.

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