What's all this talk about DSMs being unreliable?

04-23-2005, 06:51 PM
I have a few questions about DSMs. I'm not really familiar with them, other than knowing the basics, but DSMs and unreliability always seem to go together, like crankwalk (what is that?). My sister was looking at buying a stock 94 Talon (turbo, but fwd), and she would keep it stock. It only has 95k on it, and it's in mint condition, and the price is reasonable too. Is this a good car for a first car? I read consumerguide.com and they didn't really mention anything major on the car.

04-23-2005, 07:14 PM
The only major issue that goes hand in hand with DSMs is crankwalk. This is not a problem for 1st generation DSMs (1990-1994). This is more of a problem on 2nd generation DSMs (1995-1999).

A 'walking' crankshaft, or 'crankwalk' as itís commonly referred to is a condition in which the crank inside your block suffers from excessive movement and causes crank angle sensor failure. This is also known as excessive thrust bearing play. While there are several theories about crankwalk, there is no rock hard evidence that points to the real cause of this problem. The movement can be from the crankshaft not fitting inside its bearings correctly, or oil squirters in your block clogging. While not bad for the crankshaft, the movement can place excessive or uneven loads on the bearings, causing premature failures, or crank angle sensor failure.

Now being that the car your sister is looking at is a 1st generation model and has close to 100,000 miles on it that if hasn't shown signs of the problem yet I don't think it will. Here are some ways to check if the car has this problem if youíre really concerned:

1. Clutch weirdness, improper pedal pressure, strange disengage and engage points.
2. Ticking or strange noise from the pulley side of the engine when clutch is depressed.
3. Crank Angle Sensor errors (check engine light).
4. Difficulty shifting.
5. RPMS decreasing significantly when clutch pedal is depressed.
6. Clutch does not return or "sticks" to the floor after being depressed.

Here are some steps to help prevent crankwalk:

1. Use an oil filter from a 1g at all times. A larger oil filter will provide for better filtration, preventing oil squirters from clogging.
2. Pay attention to what your car is doing. Keep an eye on your oil pressure, and make sure you perform proper maintenance at the scheduled times.
3. Keep an open mind about it. Crankwalk isn't something you can control, people get it stock or modded. Thereís no bearing on whether mods cause it or not.
4. It is recommended that you build a 6 bolt or swap in a 6 bolt. Never build a 7 bolt or swap in a reconditioned one.

Other than that DSMs are pretty reliable cars. The engines are rock solid. Just make sure that the last owner knew how to take car of the car. With a turbo-charged car you have to maintain it differently. Make sure that they changed the oil and filter every 3,000 miles. Also make sure that they let the car idle for at least 30 seconds, every time, before shutting the car off.

04-23-2005, 07:24 PM
It was owned by a lady who doesn't know much about cars, but the oil was changed regularly, timing belt was done on time, and clutch was changed less than 2 months ago. It was never abused. All the work was done by a very reputable (and expensive) shop, so I doubt that it would have issues with the clutch. Everything seemed fine.

04-23-2005, 07:33 PM
Wheres that pic of the DSM shotung out the crank lol?

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I posted this earlier.......seems to fit. Who knew I would be able to use it twice in a week. :icon16:


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Hahahaha....Mr Luos, you just got owned :p:grinno:

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gif = awesome :D

My step-father bought a 91 AWDT Talon and my mother bought a 97 AWDT Talon.

He has never had major issues.
My mother has had issues since the moment she left the showroom floor ~ literally.

She had that car up until last spring when it just blew up on the highway ... engine = kaboom.

She now drives an MR2 ;)

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