So I've been having problems with my car...perhaps you could shed some insight.

04-20-2005, 08:54 PM
I've taken it to two mechanics, who are obviously not competent or something, because they sit on it for like three days, and don't diagnose the problem. Maybe I need to talk to somebody that isn't retarded...

Anyway, I have a 93 Mazda Mx-6, and it has 116000 miles on it. Lately, it's like the car isn't getting fuel. The engine sounds bad sometimes.

Basically what happens is the engine idles around 2000 rpms or so, but it's only once in a while, the idle kind of varies when it's messing up. It will kind of go up and down between the normal idle and 2200 rpms or so, usually around 1500 to 2000. During this time, my car seems to have problems getting fuel. The engine does not get gas, unless I floor it. Then, if I get going by flooring it, I will see black exhaust in the rear view mirror.

The second mechanic I took it to did work on it, and the problem seemed to get better for a couple of weeks, but it is now worse than ever.

The parts that the mechanic supposedly replaced are as follows.
Oxygen Sensor
Distributor cap and rotor.

Reading posts in other forums about this, they said that the problem was solved by fixing the O2 sensor.

Should I go back to the mechanic and complain? It was about a month ago, and I paid 800 bucks. I feel that if the problem is the oxygen sensor, again, than I should have that right.

The reason I'm posting is to ask if anybody knows what the hell is wrong with it. I'm fed up dealing with these people.

Also, I'd be willing to sell it for a reasonable offer, but I'd still like to know what is wrong with it.

Well, hopefully somebody can help me. I thank you in advance for any information you may have. This forum rocks by the way! I'm happy I found it!

If you want to buy my car, or have any information as to what could be wrong, just respond in this thread or e-mail me at

I'll even trade some sound engineering work (remastering tracks, etc) if you can think of anything you might need as far as that goes. I make cell phone rings and stuff too, so hook me up and I can maybe give you something cool in return for your useful information. Thanks again!

04-27-2005, 03:56 PM
Sounds like a vacuum or sensor problem maybe try a Mazda dealer for the diagnosis. Ours idles high during warm up on cold mornings sounds a little like yours is trying to do that after its warmed up, could be cold start sensors or circuits. The black smoke means way too much fuel is going in and a high idle usualy means a vacuum leak. GOOD LUCK!

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