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Chance to buy great Pagani items

04-18-2005, 04:54 PM
My friend visited Pagani factory last year with his friend, who works for Lamborghini. Now he has some great items for sale. The best item is one of four exhaust pipes from Zonda S. Real exhaust pipe from Zonda!!! It is signed by Horacio Pagani. Price for it is 580 Euro. If you want to have it mounted on hand made wooden plate, the price will be 850 Euro. Or he can offer bigger plate, which inludes this pipe, Pagani logo and carbon part. Carbon part is signed by Pagani too. Price for this is 1200 Euro. If you want just Pagani logo, price for it is 350 Euro. Or you can have it mounted on small wooden plate with piece of carbon signed by Pagani for 650 Euro. There are some more items available: Pagani Zonda F brochure signed by Pagani - 150 Euro, latest Pagani Zonda S and Roadster brochure signed by Pagani - 200 Euro, 5 Pagani Zonda sheets with picture on one side and technical info on other (each has different picture) - 30 Euro, Pagani Zonda S drawing signed by Pagani - 160 Euro, Lamborghini yearbook with alcantara and signature of Valentino Balboni - 100 euro, If anybody is interested, I can give you my friend`s contact info. He is from Germany, so all items will be send from there.

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