ripping noise from under the bonnet

silver metallic
04-18-2005, 03:21 PM
Hi,This is my first time on this forum,hello to all.

Anyway really appreciate your comments about my `nauseating problem`.....................4 months ago purchased 407 2.0 136 diesel and after say two months a noise sounding from my right wheel came out.After more investigation at dealer they concluded that it is a metal plate touching another metal plate on a front frame where they said that some rubber gasket would solve this issue.I did not allow this remedy since I reasoned out that manufaturer would not allow such a thing.
Investigating myself I am now under the impression that sound is being caused by steering since it gets louder when you turn steerting wheel,moreover from the verty first day I observed some stuttering in steering!

Any idea how to tackle this situation guys???

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