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Ford Taurus Serpentine Belt/tensioner 1996

04-17-2005, 12:44 AM
Ford Taurus Serpentine Belt/tensioner Replacement! Lotsa Fun! My 1996 Ford Taurus Has A T50 Torx Bolt Holding The Belt Tensioner In Place.i Had A Hard Time Figuring Out What The Bolt Was Until I Got My Trouble Light And A Mirror And A Good Look-see At It.i Could See It Was A Torx Head,but Never Dealt With Any Torx Bolt That Size Before,and Only Had T25 Max In My Tool Sets,so I Went To Sears And Bought A Ratchet Drive Socket With A T50 Torx End On It,and It Came Out Real Easy,but I Had To Put A Piece Of 2foot Pipe Over The 3/8 Ratchet So I Would Have Leverage.i Wanted To Buy A 1/2 Drive,because I Have A 1/2 Drive 18" Breaker Bar That Would Give Me Easy Off Leverage For The T50 Torx Socket,but Sears Only Had 3/8 Drive! Dumb! I Like 1/2 Drive,much Easier To Remove With A Breaker Bar! I Call The Ford Dealership,and Neither The Parts Dept Nor The Service Dept Knows What Bolt Is Holding On The Belt Tensioner! They Tell Me It Has A 5/8 Head Bolt,but The Factory One Had A T50 Torx,and They Say They Can't Help Me Because They Only Have A Hex Head Bolt On The Tensioner! The Ford Dealership Didn't Even Know,nor Did Any Local Parts House Know.i Got Lucky Because I Bought The Belt Tensioner At Advance Auto,and The Instructions Inside Said It Either Has A 8mm,10mm,0r T50 Torx Head Bolt Holding It Was A Pain In The A Getting The Belt On! I Didn't Have The Special Ford Tool,so I Rigged A Box End Wrench 5/8 End Onto A 3 Foot Piece Of Iron Bar.super Leverage Then! Put 5/8 Box Wrench On Bottom Pulley Of Tensioner Device And Pull Towards The Front Of The Car To Release Tension And Install Belt.even With All Of The Slack Taken Up,belt Still Wouldn't Slip Over The Alternator Pulley,so Loosened The Alt Bolts And That Gave Me About Another Inch Or So When I Pushed The Alt Gm Car Was Easy Because They Were Smart Enough To Build A 1/2 Socket Drive Into The Tensioner So I Could Use My Breaker Bar On It And I Chaged The Serpentine In About 30 Seconds! It Took Me 3 Days With This Taurus Because I Had To Check The Internet,call Local Shops Etc! Ford Sucks!

04-17-2005, 06:51 AM
It's quite apparent from your description that a) You don't own a decent set of tools and thus are going to have problems doing work on any car, and b) You clearly have no idea what you are doing.

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