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81 Eldorado 1001 Questions

04-13-2005, 10:07 PM
Hello all, I just bought an 81 and since I have never owned a caddy or anything other than Ford, I'm completely lost. The motor has been swapped at some point but I don't know what from or what to. It was a diesel, but now is gas. What motor would most likely be swapped into this ride? I'm assuming just a normal Chevy 350 but that's an assumption and we all know where that will get me. The tranny is leaking, from the pan it looks like to me, but the PO said it was the seals. What kind of tranny is it most likely to be? How do I identify it? The electronic fuel gauge reads AA at start up then just --. Any ideas there? Fuse? Sender? Connection somewhere? This is a carbeurated motor but I don't know anything about carbs. (except if you cut back on them you lose weight) Any help out there? Thanks in advance. I'll post more questions and results as I get further along.

04-24-2005, 12:31 PM
Could you post some pics?
The engine swap candidates would be engines offered in this chassis:
Most likely its an Oldsmoble 307 or 350. The diesel engines used Oldsmoble blocks so an Olds gas engine pretty much bolts straight in.

(However, it would be possible to bolt in a Buick Riviera 350 or 231 V6, or an older Caddy gas engine.
However, I can pretty much guarentee it is NOT a chevy engine. The Chevy engine simply will not bolt up to the THM 425 transmission that were used in all these cars.

The Olds gas engine is a HUGE improvement over the diesel and is better than the Caddy gasoline engines of the day.
The diesel 350 cid engines used in these cars was monumentally awful........only 105 hp and were so unreliable GM faced many lawsuits over them. Many diesel engines were replaced with gas engines.
The Olds gas engines are excellent, much more durable and powerful than the Caddy gas engines.

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