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1946 Plymouth Brake Question

03-28-2005, 08:53 AM
I have a 1946 Plymouth Special Deluxe 2 door coup that I would like to put front disc brakes on. I remember being told that there were a few newer vehicles frames that would simply slide into the plymouth frame and you get instant disc brakes. I don't remember what vehicles they were though. Does anyone know what cars these would be? This way I can get rid on the king pin as well, (not the greatest handling the road). Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

03-28-2005, 08:41 PM
A few popular chassis (55,56,57 Chevy) have kits for disc brake conversion.
However, for the rest of us, there are 2 routes.

If you want better brakes and better handling, install a subframe, from a more modern car. This way, you get more modern brakes, suspension and steering. I installed a 69 Camaro front clip on to a '53 Chrysler Newport. (The Camaro, Firebird and Nova clips are favoured).

You would need to strip everything off the car in front of the firewall. Then carefully measure and cut off the Plymouth frame in the front. You want to place the clip so there is sufficient overlap of the old frame and new, and the front wheels will end up in the same place. Weld it together and cut and weld varoius reinforcement plates as required.

Best of all, you can easily install a V8 Chevy engine in place fo the straight six.

Alternatly, take a look at Custom Rodder magazine. Their advertisers sell weld-in modified Mustang II steering, brake and suspension units. Since they are intended for race cars and custom rods they are better than stock Ford and are adaptable to a wide variety of frame designs. In this case, you would keep the stock frame and driveline, which makes it an easier installation.

IMHO unless you are in love with putting in a Chevy V8, go with the Mustang II arrangement.

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