Something wrong with my damn motor...

03-22-2005, 09:21 PM
Hey guys, I have a problem. Ok, ok, I have more than one.

I just bought a 1996 Eagle Talon ESi off my cousins friend for $450, the trunk doesent stay up, and the speedometer doesent light up at night, but that doesent matter to me.

What worries me is that whenever i turn my engine on, it will make a noise kind of like a clank clank clank clank. My brother says its the valves, my auto-mechanic teacher says its the cam & valve timing, and my cousin thinks its something to do with the crank.

I dont know which one it is, and this spring break Im planning to pull my motor out and check it out. Can you guys give me some ideas/suggestions what it is? I would really appreciate it.

My other problem is the front part of my frame, wher my bumper is, is knocked about 4-5 inches to the right. I was thinking about tying one end of the Talon to a tree and get my brothers van and pull the frame back to how its supposed to be. Do you guys think thats a good idea?

Please respond ASAP as spring break is next week.

01-05-2006, 09:01 AM
ok lets start with this, the noise you hear is most likely a timing problem. It sounds like your exhaust valves may be coming into contact with the piston. Pretty serious problem. Next as far as the truck need new strut rods..and probally have a bad bulb in the dash. best bet is to take out the plugs and scope the motor. look for any scarring on the top of the piston. let me know what you find and ill see what help i can offer.

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