Anyone heard of Vecco High Performance in Brunswick?

03-22-2005, 07:03 PM
I bought a turbonetics Godzilla blowoff valve from Vecco High Performance through ebay auction # 7951528366 for $309.00. He received payment via priority mail on Feb. 25th. in the form of a us postal money order. Delivery confirmation number of 03041560000593566881 and money order number 07080590722. I emailed them on the 2nd of march to see if it had been shipped response. Then I emailed them on the response. So I report it to ebay and finally get a response from Vecco that payment would have to clear...a postal money order...So I email back to them on the 7th to see what the deal is. They say allow 4-7 business days for delivery. So I asked for a tracking response. I ask again and they tell me they dont have the tracking number yet and that the shipper hasnt mailed it to them yet.....not right at all. Finally after a few lengthy emails back and forth I get a tracking number (477923010004326) and says that manifest info was received by fedex on the 2nd of march. No other scans. I email him back about this and he says 'dont worry, sometimes items go through the system without being scanned. Fedex has a lousy tracking system.' Yeah ok. I give them the benefit of the doubt...a few more days go by and I request a refund or my part. They tell me that a claim has been filed (00314517106 claim number) and I would have to wait for the decision on that before getting anything....makes no sense whatsoever.... I decided to call fedex myself. They tell me no claim has been filed. I try to call answer..just an answering machine....I left messages but never a return call. I finally email and get back through to Brandon who says he doesnt deal with the phones so he couldnt answer why they never get answered. Anyway, he emails me and tells me whoever I talked to at Fedex told me what I wanted to hear to get me off the phone and they were wrong about telling me a claim wasnt filed. He says 'dude dont worry it will be handled' so I call fedex again and talked to Donna Payne in claims and she says no claim has been filed. A traced was initiated under number 00314517106 and the researchers determined that no package was picked up from Vecco, just the shipping manifest info for that package. If a claim were to be filed it would be denied on those grounds. I forward this info back to Vecco and make a demand for a valid tracking number stating that my part or refund is on the way. They tell me again dont worry its being handled. I make one more demand on friday giving this until today, monday march 21 to get it straightened out. I called and left messages but of course no response through email or return call.

Today I had to file a formal complaint with the local postal inspector. I will soon file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and call his local police department in Brunswick. I've had this happen to me before and its not pretty when the law gets involved. It may take a little time but its worth it. Vecco has some decent feedback on ebay but I've gathered info from 5 other people on there that they've done the same thing to. So buyer beware....

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