Fenomenon Stratos concept

03-20-2005, 03:56 PM

One of the few true concept cars at this year's Geneva Show was the startling Fenomenon Stratos. It is unlikely you will have heard of the fledgling vehicle design agency based in London, as it opened for business less than two years ago and the Stratos is the company's first concept car, intended to showcase its creative, engineering and product management skills.

Though the Geneva show car shares its proportions and name with perhaps the most famous Lancia, this Stratos (Fenomenon owns the rights to the name) has not been designed to win world rallies. It is touted as being an "on-road, off-road supercar for the developing world". The Stratos concept car is much chunkier in real life than the pictures suggest, and it has been engineered to deliver its high performance on dirt roads as well as asphalt, utilising good ground clearance and long-travel suspension.

The stiff and light body and chassis will aid its progress, and Fenomenon extensively used carbon fibre and aluminium to show off their skills. The show car is beautifully built, and obviously a labour of love. Indeed, private investors, some of them owners of the original Stratos, funded the car. Secretly they must hope that the concept makes production, and Fenomenon clearly state that it could happen with the right backing.

As the angular shape suggests, the engine would be housed transversely at the rear - just like the Lancia Stratos. Fenomenon didn't fit an engine to the show car, but foresee a compact and lightweight V8 with over 400bhp fitting the bill. For such an unknown company to have such a large impact at the Geneva Show is rare, though it is unlikely that anyone will stump up the necessary cash to produce the Stratos. Pity, but as a travelling show for Fenomenon it must be regarded as a resounding success.






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