Isuzu Imark Handling by Lotus (need specs)

03-16-2005, 02:00 PM
Can anyone give me specs on this car I just bought, it is so hard to find parts for that I had to get the broken turbo machined. I know the car is rare. I really need specs on this little car, am I the only person that owns one of these?!?!

1988 Isuzu Imark Handling By Lotus Turbocharged.

(yeah, the turbo has been remachined so that instead of the stock 14 psi of boost it now has 17 Psi of boost, and it spools up real early and really quickly.)

03-16-2005, 02:18 PM

03-24-2005, 02:01 PM
I have just found out that I have the Recaro interior, I have also just installed a Matrix Muffler with a 2 1/2 inlet and a 5 inch oultlet, man that car sounds good.

By my estimate only about 100-150 I-Mark's with a turbocharged motor and Recaro interior were produced; at least in the U.S.

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