Nismo and possible aftermarket turbo

03-25-2002, 10:24 PM
I am skepticle of a supercharger on the G35. The Japaneese have not used them all that plentifully so far. Sooooooo, the question is, will Nismo give us any power adders in the form of forced induction? Will there be a Turbo kit? Will we be able to break the codes or will they be made available to break?

The Lexus tuners are having difficulty in this avenue. Some are even resorting in $20k engine swaps to illegal older engines to get turbo power.

This is the last straw to help push me over the edge of buying the G35 coupe. Will there be avenues to upgrade it past 280hp?

04-04-2002, 09:57 PM
How old are you dude? Why does everyone think every Japanese car will have an after market turbo available? Infiniti's are for older people, not for teenage sport car enthusiasts. Does Nismo make a turbocharger for the Maxima or most of Nissan's cars? No. The only real possibility for forced induction on the G35 is a supercharger by a company like Impul or Stillen. Get real folks.

04-04-2002, 09:59 PM
Also, have you ever looked under the hood of a car with a VQ35DE engine? There's not much room there. It'll be a tight fit unless they mount the turbo in the front passenger's seat.

04-04-2002, 10:23 PM

First, if your so insightful as you pretend to be, then you might have picked up from my sign on that I'm a dentist and not some punk kid. And even if I was a kid, what difference does it make to you if I have the taste to consider owning an Infiniti. We alread have two in the family plus a Lexus and other fine not Honda Civics. If your concerned about space then maybe you should check out the installations on Corvettes. Where the are going to put the supercharger then, since hood clearance is a premium and you have no option of mounting them below the manifolds. Well, a premium car shouldn't run turbos.......maybe we should ask Porsche or Audi. Maybe you missed the G20 kits or G300 kits. Maybe you missed the mulitple BMW or the predecessor of the G35 in JDM, a Skyline that was.......hmmm turbo not supercharged. Don't forget all the other Nissan cars that have gone this route. I don't know if this engine will lend itself well to any forced induction methods with the high compression and ECU, but to say an Infiniti is for old people suggest nothing but ignorance. How many young Ferrari owners are there? Or for that matter AMG owners. Did you just get up on the wrong side of the bed or are you always that hard to get along with. Anyway, feel no reason nor need to respond to this thread any longer, Tanman.:devil:

06-07-2002, 11:58 AM
I seem to remember reading that Nismo will be coming to the US. Which is good, however I don't recall seeing anything about turbos for this engine. Stillen has already produced an Altima w/ a supercharger on it. Because this engine is being used for so many different vehicles, including the new Murano, 350Z and Maxima, I would be surprised if Nismo didn't develope a turbo for it. However, this is just my opinion/wishfull thinking.

06-07-2002, 12:09 PM
maybe I was wrong, I don't think the Stillen Altima had a supercharger. I'll try to find who put a SC in one.

06-16-2002, 10:14 PM
tanman, tinpan, whatever, is a jerk and insightless. one thing for you-have you ever heard of a SR20DET.

You moron.

07-09-2002, 03:42 PM
i have an Is 300 now and yes it is a pain in the ass to turbo it...specially with an E-shift automatic. The problem with our cars is that its drive by wire so with added HP comes shifting and ECU issues. I wouldnt be suprised but what the G35 has a similar situation. I think the fact that NISMO is coming to the states is a great thing. I am seriously thinking about picking up a G35 coupe, not this year but next year...let them work the bugs out you know. By then we will prolly all know alot more about tunability with this car. I really just want to hang around the 300 hp mark. I imagine with a good intake and exhaust system on the NA engine you could get it to 300. With FI you are prolly easilly loking at 350-400hp....and thats sick... i love it. Also did i hear correctly that there will be an AWD version of G35 coupe ?

hmmm AWD? Brembo Brakes? FI ? 6 speed GETRAG tranny ?
can you say home made GTR35
I can


07-24-2002, 02:42 PM
RIGHT ON! That's more like it.........You're the man Ad_libymon.

11-12-2002, 07:23 AM
SEMA: Nissan unveils 1st Nismo car

By Mark Rechtin
Automotive News / November 11, 2002

The 350Z, modified with Nismo performance parts, has an exhaust system that increases horsepower to 295 and torque to 280 pounds-feet.

LAS VEGAS -- One year after revealing plans to expand its performance-parts operation called Nismo, Nissan North America showed a 350Z heavily modified with Nismo parts.

The car features an exhaust system that increases horsepower to 295 and torque to 280 pounds-feet. The 350Z also has a high-performance air filter and oil cooler, lightweight flywheel, limited-slip differential and racing clutch. The suspension has improved coil springs, shocks and sway bars. An aero kit is included.

But Ron Stukenberg, Nissan senior manager of motorsports marketing and operations, said Nissan is not expecting to sell Nismo trim-level vehicles soon - although that eventually may happen. Rather, the Nismo 350Z merely serves as an example of what a creative parts department customer can produce. Dealers will install factory-backed Nismo parts, but Stukenberg expects a good number of over-the-counter transactions as well.

"This will not be a smattering of parts. Nismo will cover everything someone can use on the streets, as well as off-highway," Stukenberg said. "We have been selling Nismo parts for off-highway use for years. Now we are expanding."

By off-highway, Stukenberg does not mean off-road. Rather, if a part is too high-spec to be street-legal because of emissions or safety requirements, Nismo will sell those parts for racing use only.

Nismo is a truncation of Nissan Motorsports.

"We're dealing with true performance stuff, not just color and trim packages. This is how you enhance the brand," Stukenberg said.

For the first year or so, Nissan will concentrate on establishing Nismo for the Nissan brand. Infiniti will get Nismo parts only for the G35 sedan and coupe, then must wait to get more "R Spec" parts, Stukenberg said.

The Nismo parts will carry the factory warranty. If installed by a dealer, the part will be covered as long as the vehicle is in warranty. If installed by a customer, the part will have a one-year, 12,000-mile warranty.

Stukenberg said Nissan can stand behind those parts because they are proven Japanese domestic market parts, rather than newly conscripted pieces from a new supplier source.

12-10-2004, 02:14 PM
im a big nissan fan, but my question to all of you is why does EVERY jdm car, civic or not, have to be turbo? my philosophy on cars should be if it comes stock with a turbo from the dealer have a turbo car, if it doesnt then why waste the money? i think the 350gt would be just as well without a turbo considering they made the 05 6mt 298hp.

next i dont think adding AWD, brembo pads, and the getrag tranny would make a "GTR35." there are other things to put on as well. first off they r32-r34 had a 2.6 L TT inline 6, the g35 is a 3.5 v6, bigger engine with more hp. then its not just awd, its rwd until they start slipping and then the front wheels kick in (thank you acura for that piece of fine machinery) and that is called the attesa system, which myself am thinking about putting in, if i ever get the money and can find the system. the getrag tranny had only one flaw that i am aware of so far and that is that the 3rd gear is very weak, i would wait and see what the new tranny feels like. anyone can add brebo pads hey even those crappy civic driver who want a skyline so they buy the lights and the kit to make it look like one have the brembos. last but not least that i will talk about is the fact that the gtr was twin turbo from the factory and it was limited to 280 hp due to japanese regulations, and its really around 320 hp, the 350gt is not. but if it were to be a gtr35 it would be very similar to the m-spec, but you would also have to add the ripple control. there are many more things you would have to add to make it an r35

12-10-2004, 07:53 PM
my question to all of you is why does EVERY jdm car, civic or not, have to be turbo?
My question to you is why resurrect a two year old thread?

my philosophy on cars should be if it comes stock with a turbo from the dealer have a turbo car, if it doesnt then why waste the money?
That's your philosophy. Not everyone thinks the same as you. Some may like the extra torque that a turbo setup offers.

next i dont think adding AWD, brembo pads, and the getrag tranny would make a "GTR35." there are other things to put on as well.
There won't be an R35 anyway. The home made "R35" AD_LIB was talking about almost two and a half years ago would be just that: home made, and not the real thing...because there is no real thing.

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