Engine Swap

03-08-2005, 03:34 PM
I have the 04 g35 coupe. In about a month or so I plan to swap the stock engine for the RB26(Skyline). Has anyone done this yet.

What are the negative and positive aspects of this project.


03-11-2005, 02:39 AM
yikes -.- i don't think its been done yet -.- if you do actually do it tell us how it goes. interesting! =)

03-11-2005, 10:31 PM
more power
more easily modded

older technology
good luck getting it to mount up right
very expensive

unless you're amazing at engine swaps, it's not worth it... if you have that kind of money, just rebuild the stock engine and twinturbo it... after a cirtain amount of power, the car isn't streetable anyway..

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