03-04-2005, 07:20 PM
Hello all! I have been frantically searching the web trying to determine if the Bugatti is considered an Italian car or a French car. I saw a thread that was posted on this site earlier where the discussion went back and forth. I know that the Bugatti's were born in Italy, but I believe they only ever produced the cars in France. Soooo, would that make it a French or Italian automobile? Thanks in advance!

03-27-2005, 03:50 PM
If you've read the thread you should be clear i think but here's the summary

Ettore Bugatti was Italian....

He went to France and made a factory there.....

All Bugattis were made in Molsheim, France until the mid-50s.....

Then, there's a gap of three decades.....

In the 80s another Italian, businessman Romano Artioli bought the rights to the marque and built a new factory in Modena, Italy where he produced the EB110....

That lasted until about the mid-90s (and about 130 cars) when the VW group bought the rights to the name after Artioli went bankrupt and a liquidation took place....

In the same liquidation German tuner house Dauer bought some tools and uncompleted chassis and produced about 5 more EB110's.... supposedly Dauer is the only place you can service an EB110 these days (not certain about that - just an assumption)....

Latest Veyron plant I believe is in Germany but it wouldn't make a difference even if it were in Molsheim since the car is 100% german now beyond any doubt....

So..... French, Italian or German any answer would be correct


03-29-2005, 04:00 AM
To make it even more complicated:

Ettore was born in Italy.

His first designs were built in Milan.

He moved to Germany to work for Deutz, and later Hermes.

He finally opened a factory in Molsheim, at that time German territory.

After the first world war, Molsheim became French, and this stayed that way.

This for the classical Bugatti's


03-29-2005, 10:17 AM
..and yes I just realised that indeed the new Veyron factory is in Molsheim, France..... but like I said you can call the current car german... because it is.

PS I knew about Molsheim going back and forth between Germany and France but I didn't want to start a possible war in here! :biggrin:

03-30-2005, 05:26 AM
Funny thing is that according to sources he was very "France orientated" but opened a factory in Germany... I believe is was Mr. Mathis who found the property at the time. Should check, however.

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