newbie question

03-03-2005, 12:49 PM
sorry for the stupid newbie question.

but, i just bought a new 2005 g35coupe for my wife. what are the best mods i can do to it right away? intake, exhaust, chip? and what are the best manufactures of these parts.

like i said, sorry for the newbie question, but the is the first ricer car i have owned in years. i have a heavely modded 2000 lightning and a lifted 2004 F150 FX4. so 6 cyl are kind of foreign to me.

thanx for any help...Chris

03-11-2005, 02:36 AM
Injen sells some very good quality intake and exhaust for your ride. You can also make your car look better by installing new suspension on them maybe from tien or i believe apxi had some for the G35. Not too sure though, check around the website. I heard there are some good performance headers out there for the G35. Search or ask around. After all that if you want to put some money and some seriouse power into your car answer = turbocharger =) =) =P

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