J30 Tokico Shocks!!!

02-27-2005, 11:31 PM
Just broke down and bought the dealer shocks for my J. When I pulled them out, I saw the word 'Tokico' stamped into them. Wow, I guess the price is justified, I had been looking for either Konis, Tok's or Bilstines the whole time anyway. Pretty sure they must be the real deal(?) I do know the thing handled awesome when I bought it at 68k miles...

FYI get parts from INFINITI OF SCOTSDALE, AZ. Ask for Dan in parts, the 'internet discount' is 30% off! My shocks were about $500 for the whole set. About $130 fronts and $110 rears. Stripped the tie rod bolt though, so I'm trying to get the special tool that's shown in the manual.I'm going to keep my old ones and try to match them up with some cheap'os at Auto Zone...then I'm going to sell them here to you guys!!! hehe! ;-)

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