95 Civic coupe for your Rio sedan?

02-23-2005, 12:51 AM
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ol, well. i'm really kind of starting to think i need a 4 door, what with having a kid on the way, and.. well.. i like the second gen rio.. especially with the rio tuner style wing. it just looks so good, like that.. that i think, if i try to trade to a 4 door, that's what i'm going for. a 06 would be nice, but i'm going to have too hard of a time getting financed for it, and i think my best bet will be to trade straight out, from here.

here's what i have

95 civic coupe (dx)
~146k on the odo, but the engine runs as strong as my mom's cinco. gotta love how long hondas can last
absolutely stock, down the the H center caps on the 13 inch rims
new non-performance exhaust system
stereo is having minor issues, i'm working on getting the issues out (previous owner must've had an aftermarket deck, and just cut the factory harness, so i'm having to rewire everything), only has 2 front speakers (don't think it had any more than that, OE)
5 speed, in awesome shape, no slips, no grinds, good strong clutch
only been driving probably about 500 miles, if even, since i picked it up
has had some minor body damage. not too terribly noticable, could probably use a better paint job where it happened (right behind passenger door)
driver's side mirror is cracked, but will be getting replaced with LED turn M3 style mirrors
probably going to have a short shifter going in with it, too

what i'm looking for:

03-04 rio sedan, doesn't matter the color, but i'd prefer white, black, or silver
must be manual
not particularly looking for an impressive sound system, factory CD may be nice
clean title, no major accidents, decent body and glass
MUST be smoke-free car! i'm very allergic to some airborne allergen in the cigarette smoke
mileage isn't a concern, seeing as how you'd be trading to a semi-high mileage car

i figure the private party sale on my car is around 3k (i picked it up from a lot that needed to move it badly, for 2700, no stereo), so if you think your Rio is worth about that, and want a 2 door coupe.. i'm your man. lol

also, i'm located in NY, on US81, just north of the PA border, and i'd prefer semi-local interest, only (if you're willing to drive it, it's all good)

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